We wish to transmit our compromise with the planet through the development of the company’s internal and external programs.  We have workshops preparing crafts, manual arts and creative ideas with the purpose that visitors enjoy the experience of being part of a change and responsibility of using in an appropriate manner the resources that we have.
With the resources that our stockpiling center provides us, we learn how to elaborate creative crafts; bracelets with the opening rings of cans, magnets with refreshments cans, key chains with corks, among others.  We learn to recycle and reuse the resources that we have in our own home and work center.  Garbage is a resource; let’s help protect the planet generating small changes in our homes.
The crafts class requires a minimum of 5 persons and a maximum of 20 persons per group with a reservation at least a week before arriving at the Hotel.  During your stay the reservations are subject to the community craftswomen’s availability that gives the classes.



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