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It is guided tour of an hour in the self-sufficient projects that the Hotel has.  The tour starts in the milking parlor with a brief explanation of the manual milking of the cows; afterwards you will go to the integrated management of solid and liquid wastes (compost maker and anaerobic digester). Then, we visit the soaps and cosmetics laboratory, and afterwards we go to the souvenir workshop, recycling, production of vegetables and medicine plants. 
During the tour, we visit the anaerobic digester, where methane gas is produced to cook.  This is an example of how to treat residual waters and resources that we have on hand (erroneously called wastes) that permit us to save money and take care of the planet. 
No products are elaborated in this tour; we only explain the basic rational processes of design and operation to lower operative costs of businesses.  At the end of the Sustainable Organic Tour you will have a broad knowledge in the use of residual waters for methane gas production, elaboration of compost in your house or farm, self-.sufficient production, use of wastes for added value sub-products.
This tour is available every day with a minimum of 2 persons and a maximum of 20 persons per group. You can reserve it when you get to the Hotel.


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