The contribution to education, in order to be sustainable, must be a process.  We have gotten close to the Buena Vista community, specially its school, to support them with their needs, providing new knowledge, such as environmental education.  We try that our Clients get to know the school and share and support a project that is taking place.
Each year we donate schoolbooks to children, since we firmly believe that investment in education can change everyone’s future.  In this manner, we support all the families that do have the necessary resources to do so.  We are not only interested in the academic area, we are interested in recreation, and in this sense we support the community maintaining the children’s park in good conditions.
If you wish to collaborate with the school in any possible way, please let us know sending an e-mail to info@buenavistalodgecr.com, and gladly we will inform you about the existing projects, or we will help to coordinate so you can carry out your project idea or activity.
We are also conscious that in order to have qualified personnel that provides an excellent service and in order to hire the personnel from the area, it is necessary to support tourism education.  For this reason, our Hotel always has open doors for the students that wish to learn about tourism activities and how to solve daily situations in our company, always providing the best service to our Clients.
Figure 2.  Painting the school’s kindergarten and special education class with community’s voluntary work


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