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Preparation of typical Costa Rican dishes: an old clay pot that collects fresh water from the stone filter will indicate that you arrived at “La Fonda”, a small ranch filled with a warm environment, a true and vivid presentation of the Guanacaste being; where you will know and taste the traditional Guanacaste food.  Authentic gastronomy prepared with local and organic products make it truly special.  Here cooking classes are given.

• Corn based products: learn how to make the best recipes with corn that has been harvested in the farm and worked in the clay oven.  Tortillas, rosquillas, tanelas, turnovers (empanadas), homemade bread, among others will part of the goods you can make.  While the corn tortillas are made in the comal heated in the clay oven, so they can be eaten with junkets (cuajadas) or cheese of the farm, you can learn how to brew Costa Rican coffee with the style that only Costa Ricans know.  If you prefer, ask for our traditional Agua Dulce, prepared with the raw sugar from the communities’ presses.
The class of corn based products is available every day with a minimum of 2 persons and a maximum of 20 persons per group.  You can reserve it when you get to the Hotel.

•Jams: How jams are made? Why sugar is added? How to prepare a light jam? In this workshop you will learn the important role sugar has in the preservation or conservation of the fruits in syrup.  You can prepare jams with seasonal fruit.

•Cheeses: They have a very broad history in the same ways as yours tastes.  What is casein? What are enzymes? Can cheeses be made with lemon? Can you prepare cheese with vinegar? Yogurt: What is pasteurization? What happens chemically when we make yogurt?  Why yogurt is acid, how do you prepare it? Why yogurt is acid, how do you prepare yogurt based ice cream? At the end of the workshop you will be trained to prepare your own preserves of different fruits and vegetables, convert your kitchen in a processing laboratory and increase your auto-sufficiency levels.

The classes of jams, cheeses and yogurts are given with a minimum of 5 persons with reservation at least a week before arriving at the Hotel.  During your stay reservations are subject to the technician’s availability.


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