The program has the objective of generating, through concrete actions, conscience in all the visitors in the sustainable use of the resources we have, how to mitigate the environmental impact that is caused to the planet.
The program is called Ecological Footprint since it is focused in promoting in the participants enterprising practices to preserve and use in a rational manner the natural resources of our Planet.  In this way, we will reduce our environmental footprint, being also a pioneer institution in conservation and enjoyment of resources.
Water + Flora and Fauna + Soil = Life

Ecological Footprint Program’s Workshops- Preparation of solid ecological body soap, liquid hand soaps, antibacterial gel, and 2-in-1 shampoo;  Preparation of ecological paper with Water Lillies (Eichornia crassipies); Preparation of solid and liquid fertilizers (compost and natural fertilizers); Preparation of fruits for the elaboration of wines; Elaboration of ethanol and distillation of essential oils;  Preparation of natural fruit jams; Preparation of fresh cheese or natural yogurt; Sustainable tour; Farm tour that includes manual cow milking.

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