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Due to sustainability, we milk by hand the cows that provide us milk and its derivates.  We produce cheese, yogurt, soft toffee (cajeta), junket (cuajada), sour cream without preservatives or artificial flavorings.  Daily our chickens give us the eggs that the Hotel needs; we always implement animal wellness practices.  We grow most of the vegetables, fruits and herbs that we consume: corn, lemons, oranges, beans, cassava (yucca), sweet potatoes, eggplants, cilantro, mint, oregano, aloe and many more.  Our short term goal is to harvest 100% of the products we consume. Every day we ground corn and cassava (yucca) to obtain the necessary flour for the production of breads, pancakes, tortillas, rosquillas, corn cakes (arepas), croquettes, enyucados, among others.  We do not use products prohibited by law, we have said NO to illegal fishing.

Restaurant Jaguar
Coati Bar & Restaurant
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