Hydrological resources: Water is a limited resource. In our production processes we use the “water pinch” methodology, using in this way the necessary water for any activity without wastes.  The methodology is mainly based that the water that results from a process can be used in other processes that require water that has a minor physical and chemical quality than the one in the previous process.


Electricity production: when we use electric energy in our daily operation, indirectly we are generating CO2 emissions.  These emissions are created when the electric generators based on fossil fuel (diesel) are turned on due to the high demand of energy in the country.  Due to the foregoing, we have a pilot plan that seeks to generate electric energy to supply our high electric demand and the surplus will be given to the national generation program jointly with the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE).
Bio-fuel production: Bio-fuels are those energetic renewable resources which can create a positive impact in the reduction of the CO2 emissions.  The foregoing is based on the fact that the resources that are destined for the obtainment of raw materials (BIOMASS) do not compete with the soil resource that is used for agriculture; in the contrary they would not be sustainable.  In our environmental agenda we are carrying out the technical studies of economic and environmental feasibility to use the biomass for the production of electricity, as well as for the production of biodiesel and substitute the use of diesel.
Integrated management of solid wastes: The wastes that are generated in our installations are accounted with the objective of analyzing the generating and disposition actions of the wastes.  We have mini stockpiling centers, which permit us to recover materials in different sectors of our installations, from these mini stockpiling centers they are sent to much larger ones where assessment and reclassification activities are carried out.

Chart 1. Classification of wastes that are carried out in Buena Vista Lodge, 2014.

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