We have made an effort in taking advantage of the products and services that are available in the areas, in such way that we are able to develop trustworthy productive chaining that permit us to offer services with quality, but with social value.  This means that an important part of what we consume in our Hotel is produced by our neighbors.  The bedspreads of the rooms, the napkins and tablecloths were made by women of the community, as well as the tire plant pots.
Nevertheless, we have not been content with just enjoying and using what exists, we have trained groups of women of the Buena Vista community to prepare products made of recycled paper, jewelry, candle making, hair clips, headbands, tire plant pots, among others, taking advantage of recycled materials with the purpose of selling them in their community and in the Hotel’s souvenir shop.
90% of our personnel are from the Guanacaste province.  This permits to collaborate more with the local economy, being one of the main employment sources of our community.


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